Slim Fast Drops Metabolism 50ml

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Slim fast is a combination of herbal extracts with extremely powerful weight loss properties. It contains Dandelion, Rosemary, Parsley, Fennel & Grapefruit. Each of them have a proven track record in terms of fat burning and normalisation of metabolism. This herbal combination assists in speeding up metabolism and encourages the system in the shedding of unnecessary weight. Countless men and women have reported very effective weight Loss after using the the Slim Fast tincture. Flatter Tummies, Shapely Thighs, Buttocks & Hips are possible with this product. For Maximum Weight Loss Use in conjunction with the Liver Detox.


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4 reviews for Slim Fast Drops Metabolism 50ml

  1. Sandy S

    Hunger Buster- I was really impressed with the slim fast drops, not only did I loose weight, my hunger cravings were substantially reduced. Thank You – SS – kEMPTON PARK

  2. Jane P

    I needed to go for a photo-shoot for a magazine and within 10 days I had to shed off about 5kgs. The slim fast drops worked like magic. within a week I looked great and felt even better. I reached my goal in time for the shoot. JP – Randburg

  3. Neerie P

    Slimming Drops -After the birth of my last child, it was a battle to get rid of the weight. using the slim fast drops and the detox has helped tremendously. I have effectively lost enough weight to continue with this product. The best part for me – No Side Effects. – NP – SUNDOWNER

  4. Helen P

    Weight Loss – I want to comment on the “slim fast drops and Liver Detox that I was recommended to use for losing weight. I lost enough weight in two months to recommend this product to all my friends. There was no side effects and I feel great! Mrs H. P – Crown Mines

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