Menotone Plus Hormone Support 50ml

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The Menotone plus tincture is made up of fennel , lavender , clary sage and melissa. This amazing combination is very effective for the treatment of hormonal imbalances and hormonal changes. Highly effective for any menstrual problems such as painful periods , heavy bleeding , headaches, swollen feet , sore breasts, scanty periods , lack of menstruation etc. For best results combine with the black seed capsules. If you are struggling to conceive or have ovarian cysts , fibroids , polycystic ovaries please combine with Atarah oil for women and black seed capsules for amazing results.

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3 reviews for Menotone Plus Hormone Support 50ml

  1. Candice A

    Conception – When I first heard about you, I must say I was doubtful. I have been everywhere, tried everything – nothing seemed to work. your approach was very different and made me feel confident. somehow the hormonal imbalances were corrected and I fell pregnant. I write this to thank you, your intervention has changed our lives. Simone is now 2 years old and is well. may GOD bless you and your family. I useec the Atarah oil, menotone plus, moringa capsules, black seed capsules, yucca caspules and liver detox. Mrs CA – Phoenix, Dbn

  2. Daphne k

    Migraines & Hot Flushes – Migraines would cause me to stay away from work, neglect my family, want to be alone and it would last for days. I would need to take enough meds to drug myself into a stupor to stop the pain only to wake up with the migraine. This wonderful man has helped me tremendously. It took a month, first the pain lessened to normal headaches and the disappeared. From a weekly migraine sufferer, I now get a mild migraine about once in eight months. I would gladly recommend his services to anyone. I used the menotone plus drops, atarah oil, spring boost drops and black seed capsules. I recently recommended a friend to him for menopausal symptoms. She has reported that the hot flushes have all but gone and her libido has improved as well. D.K – Bryanston

  3. Zanele P

    Endometriosis – My monthly menstrual cycle, brought agonising tummy cramps, severe backache, moodiness and I was always overweight. after receiving treatment from healing by nature, my periods are painless, no moodiness and even my weight has gone down. this is incredible! I used the liver detox, menotone plus, black seed capsules and Atarah oil. THANK YOU. Miss zp – Sandton

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