Liver Detox – Liver Kidney Bladder cleanse 50ml

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It all starts with the liver. Many people suffer from a sluggish overworked liver and as a result they are in poor health or at best are in less than optimum health. The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. When the liver is functioning efficiently it helps keep the other organs healthy and toxic free. Natures Archive’s Liver detox is side effect free and removes toxins, chemicals & impurities through the process of urination. It contains the herb Dandelion which cleanses, protects and strengthens the liver & Apple Cider Vinegar which helps the body get rid of toxins and nourishes the digestive processes. Whilst Detoxing it is important to consume adequate water to assist the body in toxin elimination. Other benefits include: Healthier skin, Hair, Eyes & Nails.* Improved Immune System Performance*Weight Loss*Allievation Of Water Retention*Improved Energy Levels*Kidney & Bladder Flush Out*Improved Metabolism*Better Sleep Patterns*Blood Purifying*Lower blood Sugar Levels*Safer Cholesterol Levels. Detoxing is beneficial to people suffering with Skin Problems, Acne, Weight Gain, Arthritis, Rheumatism etc…

Caution – Do not detox if you are suffering from any kidney or bladder condition, if you are taking lots of medication especially medical steroids, if you have a Tummy Ulcer, or if you have a flu or cold. This tincture has proven effective for high acidity, acne, insomnia & swollen feet

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2 reviews for Liver Detox – Liver Kidney Bladder cleanse 50ml

  1. Sonto D

    Wellness – too much weight, acne, thinning hair, painfull periods. this was my lot. pleased to say. your treatment has worked wonders. I am now thinner, acne has gone, no period pain. I feel great!. I used the liver detox, menotone plus, the tummy tuck pack, moringa and rhodiola – I will recommend you to all my friends. Miss SD. Johannesburg

  2. Lydia M

    Knee Problems – Due to being overweight, My knees having been giving me lots of problems. The pain was almost constant and walking up or down stairs was very difficult. I also would struggle to breathe and energy levels were low. This treatment has made the world of difference to me. My knees are better , my weight has gone down, My breathing is easier. I used the liver detox, carmel oil, moringa capsules and garcinia cambogia capsules L.M – Soweto

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