Green Armour Immune Booster 50ml

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The Green Armour Tincture is primarily an immune booster. It contains the highly acclaimed herb Echinacea, Chinese Green Tea & Rose Geranium. Echinacea is antibacterial, antiviral, analgesic, antiseptic, antimicrobial, anticonvulsive & also a natural anti-biotic. It has been used to treat ailments as varied as the common cold to carcinomas. Decades of research have proven echinacea’s value for aiding the immune system. Studies have determined that echinacea has the ability to activate white blood cells and stimulate the regeneration of the cellular connective tissue. Chinese Green Tea is well known and widely accepted among researchers for its abilities to prevent and treat a number of diseases. It is a potent anti-carcinogenic and has a chemoprotective effect on the human body. Finally geranium is accepted in aromatherapy for its immune boosting properties.These herbs have also proven effective for reducing cholesterol, reducing the risks of Heart Attacks, Strokes & Cancer, aiding digestion, Boosting Longevity & helping to prevent dental cavities & Gingivitis. the Green Armour Tincture can be used for relief from all allergies including sinisutis, rhinitis, eczema, psoriasis & hay fever.
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3 reviews for Green Armour Immune Booster 50ml

  1. Hlengiwe P

    Allergies – Thank you! Your approach, your attitude, your treatment, the screening – I am impressed with everything. after bringing my kids to you. their skin has cleared up beautifully! not only that – no more sniffling, runny noses, getting sick at the slightest change of weather. I don’t know how you did it, their allergies seem to have disappeared. this was the first winter that I can remember that my boys have not gotten sick. I am grateful – Mrs HP – midrand

  2. Ellen S

    Green Armour, Coloidal Silver, black seed, turmeric, moringa, carmel oil – My story is a bit of a sad one with a happy ending. I was first taken to Dr Pillay in june that year. I was literally dying. My CD4 count was 54. I could not walk and I had to be carried. I felt drained, no energy at all. I could not think straight and I had not been to work for 4 months, with no hope of going back. The bones showed on my face and I was very thin. To me the end was near and all hope was gone. This disease was winning. My mum who came with me to Dr Pillay could not stop crying. He treated me and prayed with me and then told me something astounding. He said I would be ok. He even said that I would be back at school teaching in the 4th term. Its been 2 years now, I remember phoning him from school on the 1st day of the 4th term and expressing my gratitude. My cd 4 count is now over 800, and I am feeling great. If you are ill, go to him you will not be sorry. Miss E.S.

  3. Phindile D

    Perfect Skin – I want to place on record that your treatment for eczema has worked great. in my opinion my skin has never looked so good. the best part, i suffered no side effects with your treatment. I will recommend you to anyone with the same problem. I used the liver detox, moringa , moringa cream and green armour drops. thanks – Miss PD – Randburg

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