Essential Oils

Essential oils are liquid extracts from many different beneficial plants. Essential oils are very concentrated and highly aromatic and often have a much stronger smell than the plants they come from and contain higher levels of the active ingredients. Essential oils capture the plant’s essence, scent and flavor. Essential oils are extracted by steam or water distillation. This process passes water or hot steam through the plants, pulling the essential compounds away from the plant matter.
The other method of extraction is cold pressing. This process works by mechanically pressing or squeezing plant matter to cause it to release essential juices or oils.
A simple example of this would be smelling the fresh scent of lemon after squeezing a lemon peel.
Essential oils have various benefits and are very beneficial for many different health conditions such as Nausea, Pain and body aches, Anxiety, agitation, stress, depression, Fatigue and insomnia, Muscular aches, Headaches, Circulatory problems, Menstrual problems, Menopausal problems, Alopecia, or hair loss.
Please consult an aromatherapist for guidelines when using essential oils. The Healing Altar’s essential oil range is sourced from reputable farms and manufacturers who have maintained a high standard of quality. This ensures that the oil you purchase is of exceptional quality and unadulterated. A proper certificate of analysis can be provided upon request during your purchase.

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