Question – How Long does Delivery take and which courier do you use?

Answer We use courier guy for all deliveries but we can also send to your nearest Postnet if that is suitable to you. Deliveries are generally overnight for main centres and 2 to 3 three days for outlying/remote areas.

Question – How much are the courier charges?

Answer – Anywhere in Johannesburg except for townships – R100 . Elsewhere in S.A. – R110

Any township in S.A – R170

Question – I suffer from a particular condition but I am not sure what products to buy?

Answer – Please click on out chatbot and you will be guided you through the process and we will advise you. Don’t forget to specify your email address and contact number and the condition that you are suffering from. Alternatively click on the Whatsapp link and you can chat to us via WhatsApp

Question – does your products have any side effects?

Answer – Our products if used as specified have little or no side effects. However during detoxing its advisable to drink lots of water to prevent or minimise detoxing symptoms.

Question – Can children use your products?

Answer – No , please do not administer any product to children except for the following products. Colloidal silver cream, Moringa Cream and Alphega Oil. When in doubt please email us using the chatbot or the contact us page

Question – Can pregnant ladies use your products?

Answer – No

Question – Can Nursing Mums use your products?

Answer – Some of the products are safe for nursing mums and some are not. Please email us via the chatbot or the contact us page to enquire which products are suitable for you and which are not?

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