Electro-Dermal Screening

What is Elecro-Dermal Sctreening?

Electro-Dermal Screening or EDS is a painless, bloodless, non-invasive procedure. How EDS works is based on the scientific concept that, at the subatomic level, physical matter is simply bundles of quantum energy. At the atomic level, the exchange of electrons produces electricity that is measurable using an EDS unit. Cancer cells, viruses, toxic chemicals, and other causes of disease all exhibit a measurable level of energy that raises or lowers our natural bioenergy levels. During EDS, the patient holds an electrode in one hand while the naturopath presses another electrode against a meridian point on the other hand. Both electrodes are connected to the EDS unit, which measures the voltage differential between the electrodes and thus between the points in the patient’s hands. I suppose the most interesting part of the process is that you don’t have to reveal your health problems to the practitioner. In the hands of a skilled naturopath, he will be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong without you saying a word! An analysis of every major organ, gland and system is conducted and a report will be provided.

What is tested?

Testing is done on every major organ, gland and overall systems such as cardiovascular, respiratory , nervous, digestive, endocrine, muscular, renal, lymphatic and reproductive systems.


Questions like the following will be answered

Why can’t I lose weight? Am I diabetic? How can I prevent diabetes? Can diabetes be reversed? Why am I so tired? Why should I detox? Do I need to take supplements? Am I taking the right supplements? What about Cholesterol? How much sleep do I need? Am I eating right? Is hypertension preventable? Are there any side effects of my cholesterol medication? How do I boost my immune system? Why do I get sick so often? My libido is low – what can I do? I am stressed – what can I do? Incessant Post-nasal drip – what can I use to stop it? Is there a natural Multi-Vitamin?

Individuals will be advised on treatment and prevention with regard to the most prevalent health problems affecting society today such as Diabetes, Cholesterol, Tummy problems, Depression, High acidity, Weight loss, skin problems etc.…

Additional Information

The scan takes 15 minutes per person and can be conducted at any premises over a office desktop. As part of the process,  recommendations will be made with regard to issues, imbalances found. Recommendations will be either/or natural medication, supplementation, lifestyle changes, Dietary adjustments.

Currently Servicing – Eskom, Gauteng Education Dept.

Other Info

Yogan Pillay is an Herbologist/functional Phtotherapist and t/Doctor – a Member of ANHA – African National Healers Association. He has 26 years’ experience in these fields and has performed wellness assessments for more than 50 000 patients.  The Healing Altar as a company is a service provider iro Wellness services to the Department of Education , Eskom etc.


Private Consultations   – R380 per person – Please email us for more info or bookings


Please contact us by email at info@healthshoponline.co.za

Phone – t/Dr Yogan Pillay – ANHA – PRAC – 000 12208/001 – +27832310850

Electrodermal Screening for Gauteng Companies

Should you be interested in this service either as a stand alone wellness service or as part of your own wellness initiatives/programs, Please contact us – info@healthshoponline.co.za

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